Sunday, April 21, 2013


It takes me forever to adjust to change sometimes, and I think the length of adjustment directly correlates with how jumbled my brain is at that time. Change for me always brings with it a menagerie of emotions and thoughts that just swirl around until I can eventually file and categorize them neatly away. This adjustment period for me usually means 'Can I maintain the day to day mundane laundry, vacuuming, dishes, made bed, blogging, etc. with ease while incorporating the new and sorting out the jumble?' When my brain is this way, the answer is always no. 

The first thing to go is always laundry. This usually means I have ceased even keeping it in one spot and sorted. The bathroom floor falls victim first to the barrage of dirty socks, towels, and t-shirts. Once I have amply cushioned that floor, I move on to the spare bedroom. This space is supposed to be my walk-in closet of sorts and would, in theory, keep me organized and prevent this whole mess from occurring. What it becomes on a cyclical basis, is a futon full of clothes I tried on once, hated, and then refused to hang back up; and the floor looks oddly familiar to the bathroom. Once the laundry goes, what's the point of putting anything else away? The bathroom counter becomes clogged with every primping beauty product I own whether its in use daily or not. It soon gets to the point where the hairdryer cord frequently knocks half of it into my floor cushion of shame every. single. time. Once this horrible cycle is in full swing, I start to forget where I put the important stuff - keys, purse, phone, checkbook. Just put them in the same spot everyday you say? Stop with your nonsense! That's clearly the logical thing to do, and I laugh in the face of your smarts. HAHA!

Then, I wake up one morning feeling oddly clear. I think my dream solved my jumble. I feel at ease, lighter. Then I trip over the bathroom and fly head first into the tub! Its in the moment right after I'm
done using every profane word out there that I look around sigh, 'You've done it again'. That's when my superhero-like, tough, bad-ass girl resolve kicks in. I'm going to clean all the things!