Sunday, January 20, 2013

Favorite Fashion of the Moment

My version

A favorite from Pinterest

 These are some of my favorite outfits at the moment.
I pride myself on being a thrifty shopper. All of these pieces, except for the brown leather boots, were less than $30. Most of them are actually less than $20!
The first outfit - black sweater, white oxford, and grey skinny jeans - is a direct hack from an outfit I fell in love with on Pinterest. I already had all the pieces, I just had never put them together in that way. The other two are surprisingly similar to celeb outfits I found. I feel so trendy!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Lady friends, Moonshine, and Power Tools

Don't tell Rosie, but Bosley had a new lady friend, Nala, come visit last night!
Cuddling after chasing each other around the apartment
Nala kindly brought her humans, Orhan and Sarah, along to keep Erik and I company for dinner and the NFL playoff games.She wasn't sure if she liked him at first, but Bosley eventually won her over and they had lots of fun playing.

Erik went to the grocery store to get what he needed for dinner, and came home with Moonshine.
He has been watching a lot of that show on the Discovery Channel. I mean all of it.

Luckily what he bought contained fruit. It literally has pieces of blueberries floating in there! They recommended saving the fruit and making a pie with it. Sounds intriguing. 
This stuff smells like pure jet fuel, but tastes amazing!
Exhausted after lots of play

Erik and I had a fun little day today. We did a bit of shopping where he got new shoes and a drill that will actually drill a hole. His old one can't even be called a power tool any more. Once we got home we put it to work hanging my new shelving.

Ta Da! What do you think?

My antique wine glasses from Kalona look awesome, I think. The eighth one currently has super glue curing. Of course I broke its base. Erik kept laughing at my pout-y face, but luckily it was fixable. 

Tonight's healthy dinner. I'm down almost two pounds last time I checked! I did splurge huge at last nights dinner, but I still feel really good about my week.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Vegas in My Future


In just 19 weeks I'm going to Vegas with the girls!!!! 

That gives me 19 weeks to loose 19 lbs! One pound equals 3500 calories. So in order to loose 1 pound per week, I need to burn 500 more calories than I take in each day. I think that's a reasonable goal, don't you? I'm going to track my progress on the left hand side of my blog via My Daily Plate. 

Wish me luck!

Wordless Wednesday: Burt Reynolds Impression

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Little Switzerland

I am blessed with many unique friends. They are all so diverse and challenge me to do different things. My very good friend Kenny, who I've known since early in my college career, is one of my biggest 'challengers'. He once got me to walk through a cemetery at midnight to see the mysterious Iowa City Black Angel. Not something I would have planned on my own at that time. This trip was no different.
He now lives way up in Wisconsin so he decided for us to meet halfway and spend the day together. We met in a little town called Mt. Horeb, which had a reoccurring theme of trolls, then drove together to New Glarus. This place is known as Little Switzerland and I was really excited to explore their historical village museum, brewery, and all the little shops. That was until we found out everything was closed. Some places for nearly the whole month of January! Those that were open weren't so until almost noon. It was a huge let down but we just rolled with it and went on to the next town, Monroe. 


This town's theme was pirates. It even had a pirate ship in the town square. We stopped for coffee and midmorning tiramisu, then wondered around the square. We stumbled upon another brewery and as we entered, we were just in time for a tour. Only in Wisconsin can you accidentally join a brewery tour before noon. 

Local cheese house
The Minhaus Brewery had a cool story and since this was my first ever brewery tour, I was thoroughly entertained. We got unlimited free samples, but didn't partake too much since Kenny was driving and I don't like beer and it was barely noon. They did have a coffee beer called the Chocolate Bunny that I kind of enjoyed. For lunch we wanted to head back to New Glarus which was a fantastic decision. We popped into the Glarner Stube for Swiss meatballs and Wiener schnitzel. So amazing! 


Once thoroughly stuffed we went next door to the Bramble Patch. The owner came and showed us around his store filled with Polish pottery, his family's handmade candles, soaps, jam, and nationally award winning Maple syrup. I couldn't resist an expensive little bottle, but after this morning's pancakes, I honestly would have spent a lot more! So delicious!

I never would have explored these little towns without Kenny. The people were some of the nicest I've ever encountered, but here was almost no yodeling in little Switzerland. Semi disappointing.

It's awesome to have people to show you different things.

Liquid gold!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Thank you 2012, and Farewell!

I finally decided what my main resolution for 2013 is going to be. 

I resolve to be more present in my day to day life. 

As I look back at what happened in the last year, I find that I’m struggling to remember most of it. Of course there are big things that stick out, but over all its just kind of a blur. I feel that I have wasted time just going through the motions or not fully appreciating what is going on around me in the moment. If I just take a short time to really be present in the moment, I think I will have a greater appreciation for what is going on and I will have stronger, more positive memories.  

My most memorable memories of 2012 would be:

Cocktails and Tapas cooking class I took with Abby at the local Cedar Ridge Winery. One of the recipies was for a red wine fig compote – I need to make that again really soon!

Celebrating Dalyz’s birthday at the Spa/Casino. Just getting to spend time with my girls was so much fun. 

Introducing Abby to the wonders of Kalona. 

Kathie and Ali’s baby showers, and getting to meet Adrian and Norah for the first time. These two are already such great mothers. It helps that Adrian and Norah are two of the most precious little nuggets on the planet! I’m excited to see the amazing people they are going to grow into.



Spending Easter at the emergency vet. I still cry thinking about that day, and the subsequent day when Bosley was in surgery. Bringing him home after so many nights away was such a good feeling. I hope to never go through that again.

Seeing Erik get his white coat. That man continues to astound me. I'm a very proud and lucky girl!

Camping with Erik, Kelly, and her whole Brady Bunch. Good gosh it was hot! 

Abby and Brent’s Wedding.

Shooting handguns for the first time.

The trip to Denver. This will go down as one of the best trips I’ve taken! Everything we did was so quintessential Colorado – I loved it! Looking back at climbing a 14,00ft mountain just astounds me. The struggle and wanting to give up was all erased once I was standing on top of the world!!! The gorgeous scenery and feeling of complete elation was just amazing and scary at the same time. There were several points in the last scramble to the top where one wrong step would send you over.  I am amazed that my fear of heights subsided enough to allow me to do something like this. Then I had to climb down. That fear quickly returned. By the end of our 7 hour hike, our muscles were on fire and our feet ached terribly. We just sat by the car for a moment, looking up at the summit, and it was almost hard for me to believe that I had just been up that far.  The altitude sickness that kicked in several hours later, however, was one of the worst feelings I’ve ever had.  I puked in a tent, passed out in the car, cried, was shaking violently from a high fever, then slept for almost 20 hours. Trying to camp at 10,000ft right after ascending to 14,000ft was not a good idea. I can’t wait to go back!

At 14,000 ft!!

Photo by amompson
What we found shopping in Littleton

  Photo by amompson

Hearing my little brother was getting married!

My first trip to Milwaukee to visit Emily and Brian - favorite quote: “Laugh at me!”

Shannon’s Bachelorette party

Kenny coming to visit and going to a haunted house! Then throwing my Halloween party the next day! Just setting up for this one was so much fun! This year's theme: Vampires!

My ‘photo shoot’. I got boudoir photos taken for Erik’s birthday/Christmas present. It was one of the scariest and empowering experiences of my life. I encourage everyone to try it, no matter shape, age, what have you. With the right photographer, you will not regret it! Erik loves it by the way.

 New Year’s Eve – I felt like a high roller! Loved it!

I had such an amazing year. I truly am blessed and I can’t wait to see what the New Year brings. I hope that with my resolution, this list will be even longer next year!
PS ~ I also resolve to take more pictures!!!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New, Nieuw, Neu, Nuovo, Nuevo!

We spent New Years Eve '12 in Milwaukee with some amazing friends, Emily and Brian. He knows how to treat people, and set up the coolest party for us. VIP bottle service in a private room complete with food and a DJ. It was a pretty hot party! 
I can't wait to do it again next year.
Pre party dinner at the famous Sobelman's. This is their Bloody Masterpiece complete with a slider on top!



Bottle service table - we emptied quite a few bottles

Waiting for our cab

Me, Erik, Olga, Mike, Brian, and the beautiful Emily

The breathe taking view from Emily and Brian's apartment!

Its a New year! A re-birth, if you will, of ideas, goals, feelings, plans. Its a chance to say, "I can change, I want to change, I will change for the better!" Its a time to get motivated and re-light the fires under your goals and aspirations! Plant the seeds of who you want to be NOW so they have time to grow and become beautiful!

This year we made a "Bucket List". Its experiences we want to have before the year is over. 

                    #1. On our annual trip to Chicago, do four things that we've never done there before
                    #2. Explore caves
                    #3. Cheer on the Cowboys against the Chiefs in Kansas City

I also want to have my own resolutions. I've been giving it a lot of thought today, but I'm still undecided. I know what one should be, but I'm not sure if I have the emotional stamina to accomplish it without developing a drinking problem. One should definitely be get organized. I could win awards for my disorganization at home. I'll have to keep thinking.

What are your resolutions?