Look at my tummy!

So tired after swimming
I love you, Mommy

The groomer gave me a bow tie

Teddy bear is the BEST cuddler!
Happy New Year!

Happy Halloween '11

Are you done yet?

Checking on Frank and Larry, my squirrel friends

Teaching daddy how to drive

Packed in the car with daddy and cousin Jed
Out in the middle of the Great Salt Lake

Antelope Island

I LOVED the hotel bed in SLC


My Auntie showing the love

Getting ready for the our trip

Merry Christmas '10

Please don't give me a bath

Aaaahhhh, belly rubs in the sun

Yes, I'm posing

I love my daddy

Car ride home on my 1st day with Mommy and Daddy

Cuddling with my very first toy

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  1. I thought he couldn't get any cuter, but the puppy pictures are ridiculously adorable!