Saturday, July 21, 2012

Semi-lazy Saturdays

Last Saturday was the slowest it's been in awhile. For the last month or so, every time Saturday rolled around it felt like we were trying to fit the whole week into that 24 hours. But not this day. I had a baby shower to go to on the evening but I was determined to do as little as possible before hand. So I set about doing my new found love - crafting. More specifically, card making. 

I needed a card for the parents to be and I had two friends that celebrated their birthdays easier that week. I casually and all relaxed-like went and got good old construction paper. Am I the only one that really enjoys the sound and feeling of the first cut into a fresh piece of construction paper?

The mommy-to-be can be a bit of an insomniac so as the shower gift a couple of us got together and got a bunch of stuff to help the baby sleep - an ambient noise machine, lavender baby soaps and lotion, etc. To keep the theme I made a little moon out of paper punches. I had seen people use layers of buttons to make animals on pinterest so I figured I could get a similar effect with the punches.

Pinterest also provided me with a tutorial for a lovely origami dress. This took a couple of tries. This was for Kathie's birthday - whose due date was yesterday!!!! It could literally be any moment now!

This little lollie for Chauncy, is just a series of circles. Turns out the Asprin lid was a perfect template.Who needs a fancy paper punch or Cricut?

While mommy was relaxing/crafting, the little fluffy one was hard at work trying to nap and protect his red squeaky bone or his mini teddy at the same time.

This Saturday we have Abby and Brent's wedding. Finally! Hers was the bridal shower I went to awhile back. I'm super excited to celebrate with them - so excited I got a new dress! What?! I know! Awesome, right?

I have been insanely bad about taking pictures of my adventures this summer and even worse about actually posting the ones I have taken, but I just got an iPhone with a super awesome camera so I have no excuses now. I WILL be posting lots of super awesome photos of the beautiful bride and groom...and my new dress of course.


  1. Bosley looks like he is enjoying his lazy Saturday! Your cards are amazing- they really are beautiful and the best gifts are those that are homemade :) Happy Saturday!

  2. Great cards! I love the lollipop! Have a great time at the wedding!