Thursday, November 15, 2012

Lets Face it...

I have had acne problems off and on since I was 13. It never got to the point where it consumed my skin, but it stressed me out. I feel I finally have it under control with regular exfoliating and the right cleansers/moisturizers for my skin type. I do occasionally get a few spots - usually about the same time each month. I would like to never worry about my skin, but since I do, I've decided to have some fun with it. I researched some at home, all natural face masks and tried the one I liked the most. Its cinnamon and cumin! 

The original recipe said to also use honey, but I could not reconcile putting something so sticky and potentially pore clogging on my face. I changed it to olive oil. A little went a long way - it really didn't take much to make a paste. I first exfoliated then I left the spices on for 10mins. 

The cinnamon promotes circulation to the surface of your skin, thereby sweeping away any toxins that have built up under your skin. The cumin is anti-microbial so it will battle acne. 

When I rinsed it off I noticed that my skin was a little flushed so the cinnamon must have been working! Also, the olive oil made my skin soooo soft. I think I'm going to keep this up.


  1. You should share the recipe, I love face masks. Hopefully this one is a good one!

    1. Its a little less than a tsp each of cinnamon and cumin, then just enough olive oil to make a thin paste. I wasn't too exact with it. Hope you like it!