Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Cousin-puppy Love

Spent Christmas with my brother and his wife up North. They live in  a 'sleepy little town' where I grew up. It was really nice to have the small moments of reminiscing. It was nice to just stop and sit and just be. The few days leading up to it was crazy-emotional-stress-filled crap, but once we were there that started to melt away. Being there, and it being Christmas forced me to breathe and let it be. For I few hours I did have to slip into robot mode - for the best, but that was counteracted with an amazing moment of vulnerability and understanding from my sister-in-law. It was nice. 

All of the emotions were also softened by the wonderful joy of watching our babies running around. The first time Bosley and Laila met it was not promising. Laila hid behind Saddie the entire time growling. Over Thanksgiving, it got a bit better. There was still growling and hiding, but there was also chasing and playing. This time, there was almost no growling and even some light cuddling!

Begging for a treat

Not pleased with being a reindeer
The moment Bosley received his gift, he became obsessed! Its a brain toy comprised of three squeaky owls that he has to figure out how to remove from a plushy tree trunk. He is extremely protective of his baby owls.

Protecting his baby owls
Excessively tired after getting home
Bosley is still trying to recover from his couple of days of partying with his cousin.

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