Monday, August 6, 2012

Sunday Gun-day

Like a pro
Dee M., Assassin - She's a really good shot!

Erik and I spent Sunday with our friends Dee and Alvin. Erik and Alvin met 19 years ago by fate. Erik was on the school bus and began choking on a piece of candy. Alvin was running late for work and happened to pass. Erik was without oxygen for over 10 minutes, but Alvin never gave up. It is an amazingly powerful story and they have been in each others lives since.

We started our day with something both Erik and I grew up doing, but haven't done in awhile. We accompanied them to church. It was a non-denominational service which was very different from the Catholic services I grew up with. The core message was exactly the same, but it was nice to see it delivered in a different way. 

After church and some amazing grilled chicken, we set up the targets and got out the handguns. I grew up in a hunting household so I've shot rifles and shotguns, but never handguns. I was nervous I was going to be one of those girls you see on YouTube that punches themselves in the face because of the kick-back. They started me off on the smallest caliber, and with a bit of coaching I did pretty good. Even with the larger guns I had a tight-ish shot cluster. Erik was impressed and Alvin, who used to be in law enforcement, said I did better than some cops he's seen!

We had a blast and this Sunday will go down in the record books!

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