Sunday, September 30, 2012

Saturday Went to the Dogs

Rosie came over for the day. We went to the local doggie bakery, Woofables. It was a challenge with two excited dogs. Bosley ended up pulling the same move that he does in Petco. He got himself so excited that he pooped right in the middle of the store. He really knows how to embarrass mommy.

Bosley got a little treat baggy of duck shaped, wheat free, pumpkin & ginger 'Quackers'. Rosie went straight for the 'Bark-B-Q Rib' cookies. She became slightly obsessed and now potentially has a problem. Hopefully she doesn't have the shakes this morning.

The rest of the day consisted of intermittent NASCAR sprinting and snoring. By the time Rosie went home my little man was all tuckered out and needed special cuddles from daddy. 


  1. Bosley, don't feel too bad about the poop thing. But you might get to go more often if you poop before you leave the house. Glad you got a treat though!

    Your friends,

    Murphy & Stanley

  2. Aw, don't be too embarrassed! It happens to the best of us! BOL!

  3. Ohh, those cookies sure do sound good! It sounds like Rosie and Bosley had a blast together! They both sure are cute.

  4. Oh dear, how embarrassing for Bosley!

  5. I can't believe he pooped in the store! Silly Bosley, Betty always tinkles when she gets too excited and meets another doggy (yes, it has also happened in petco). Fortunately dog friendly places are prepared for such accidents. Looks like Bosley is enjoying his belly rub!

  6. Ha!Ha! I can't believe he pooped in the store! What a little bum! LOL!