Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Denver Trip Part 2: Day in Downtown Denver

We finally got to Denver on day 2 of our trip. We were meeting two of Erik's friends for the remainder of the trip and they are both super outdoorsy. We would be doing a lot of roughing it the rest of the trip, so I requested some time in the city. Erik and I headed straight for the 16th St Pedestrian Mall. Its a cute little area of down town filled with great places to eat, little shops, and tourist traps. I had reached critical once we found parking so we headed straight for food. 

We ate at the Paramount Cafe and I tried an Elk burger for the first time. Holy cow elk, that was delicious!

Once we had wondered the length of the mall, we headed out to meet up with the other guys. We were staying with Nate's family in Littleton. Turns out they are only a few blocks away from Columbine High. Erik and I didn't realize where we were until we were stopped at a light and it was right across the street. We both got the chills. I remember that tragedy very well because of how it affected my mom. She actually attended that high school.

Once we were all together we went out for dinner and just hung out for the rest of the night. It was a very chill start to an eventful time in Colorado


  1. I remember that day too. Very sad. Elk burger, eg??? Interesting

  2. Oh that would have given me chills too! I've never tried elk and don't know if I could. Glad you enjoyed it though!