Monday, October 22, 2012

It's my birthday!!!

I've had a goofy day. It started with an intense thunderstorm, which was nice. I like thunder and lightning. During work I unfortunately couldn't keep my eyes open, but that allowed me to treat myself to a yummy cappuccino after lunch. Speaking of lunch, the girls and I tried a new spot, Heirloom Salad Company, and it was delicious!

The girls also got me some cute gifts - a tshirt with something funny I said a while back "one week you're a week you're five deep". We get a little raunchy sometimes! I also got a cute magnet with a saying that is perfect for our group - "you drink too much, swear too much, and have questionable morals. You're everything I've ever wanted in a friend." They also bought me coffee and lunch, the students even colored me pictures and hung them up in my room.

I really got the star treatment today...until my eyes melted.

I was running behind at the end of the day and quickly grabbed a bottle of ethanol to clean something. The lid came right off and the bottle fell volcanoing ethanol all over my face. I was immediately blinded and my eyes were burning intensely. Luckily I was right next to an eye wash station. They no longer burn, and I'm sure they are extremely clean!

Erik and Bosley picked me up from work, then Erik took me out to dinner at one of our favorite spots, Givannis. Its the place I wrote about awhile back with the handmade pastas. So Good! We strolled through the Pedestrian Mall afterwards and ended up at the new cupcakery - Molly's Cupcakes. This place is going to be a goldmine!

My phone and Facebook page were flooded with birthday wishes and I'm blessed to have so many amazing people think of me today! I love you all!

And, Erik, you are truly special! You have made me feel so special not only today, but every day. I love you so much!


  1. Happy happy birthday!!! Glad it was a good one!

  2. Happy Birthday! It sounds like you had a great day! :)

  3. Sounds like you had a really wonderful day! Happy Birthday!!

  4. Hope you have had the bestest birthday!

    Your friends,

    Murphy & Stanley