Friday, June 21, 2013

Gettin' Fit!

Holy Cannolis! I never thought I would be this person. 
I workout before work now. 
Audible gasps are the correct response here.
For as long as I've had to maintain my own schedule, I've gotten up fairly early on most days, but I never even considered waking up earlier to sweat. After all, those types of people were crazy.

A little over ten weeks ago I started a pretty awesome gym - Farrell's Extreme Bodyshaping. I signed up for the 10wk challenge because we were going to Vegas, and I was no where near the goal I had set for myself way at the beginning of the year. I had seen amazing results from some friends who tried it and their website is full of awesome success stories. 

The only open class time was 6:30pm in north Cedar Rapids. The 35min drive was taxing towards the end, but I got to see Abba-Dabba, who had signed up with me, almost every day which helped. The time suck of an 1hr+ drive every night is why I am now a morning sweater. I have a new appreciation for my evenings. Plus, now that I am a full time FIT member, I was able to switch to the location 4mins from my house which is so nice!

Day 1 we did a fitness test which consisted of running a timed mile and doing as many push-ups and situps in a minute as you can. I ran my mile in 9min 35s, did 12 push-ups from my toes, and 23 situps.

After 10 weeks of intense kickboxing and resistance band training, and a complete reboot of my nutritional habits, we tested again. This time I ran my mile in 7min 46s, did 52 push-ups from my toes, and 53 situps.
Before and After
Not a huge change visually, but I feel amazing!
I have done boot camps, cross-fit, and many gym classes, but I have never felt this strong and happy! So happy in fact, I'm training to become an instructor!

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  1. You look great!!! And awesome on training to be a fitness instructor. You can absolutely see a difference!