Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Not so Summer-y Yet

We have been having some pretty crazy weather lately. Its a flood year, again, which means it has been raining a lot. We just experienced what they called a 1000yr flood back in 2008 so having it happen again is frustrating even though I wasn't directly affected either time. The crest this year was considerably lower, thank goodness. There was still a mud slide, road closures, and an evacuation of a campus dorm.

We have also had some intense thunderstorms in the last couple of days. A tornado did touch down briefly causing some of the University Hospital to momentarily shut down. Last night the sirens went off again, but not for a twister, but because the winds were over 70 mph! 

Photo from a Facebook friend
I want some sun this summer! I want to go camping! I want to be able to take Bosley to the park! Come on summer sun, get here!


  1. Just popped over from Hokes blog. Love your little westie. Stop by and visit my WESTIES julep and derby at


  2. I miss IC! Even though the pics are of flooding, I suddenly got very nostalgic.