Thursday, November 14, 2013

Summertime with my Sister

My only sister lives in Montana and rarely gets to come home, so her coming for a visit during her birthday was a huge treat. She is one of those special people that I can pickup with like no time has passed no matter how long its been. This is probably because we have been through it all. We shared a room growing up, which created this close bond, but also tested it several times. We are only 13 months apart and were often mistaken for twins growing up, but at times couldn't be more different. I love those differences. She sees things in a completely different way than I would at times, and its great having that grounding.

Erik won at mini golf. He blew us out of the water! I was inconsistent and would shoot a hole in one then shoot an 8 on the very next hole. I did have somewhat of a trick shot on one hole. This one you have to jump your ball over a 'creek'. My ball went straight into the water hazard, hit a rock just perfectly causing it to jump up into the air and land on the other side. We were all shocked! Needless to say, I did the best on this hole. It took the others several tries to get across.

Hanging out back at the farm.

Playing Just Dance on the Wii was so much fun!

We were the only ones to catch anything when we went fishing on the river. We all got caught in a downpour and had to hide under a bridge, Erik got poison ivy climbing back up the bank and fell on a dead animal, I got wrapped up in the same tree three or four times, and dad spent the whole time re-worming hooks and didn't really get any fishing in. Just like when we were kids. That weekend was too short.

Erik's poison ivy ended up spreading everywhere, so he had to go on steroids to knock it down. These turned my usually cuddly teddy bear into a moody badger. I don't think he'll ever wear shorts in the woods ever again!

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  1. Actually we think you do look like twins! So nice to have a sister you are close to. That isn't the case in every family!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley