Friday, May 11, 2012

Best 48hrs EVER!

As you can tell from the title, I've had a pretty phenomenal last couple of days!

It all started with Erik's White Coat ceremony on Wednesday evening. It symbolizes them moving on in their professional career. They graduated from mannequins to real, live patients!

Getting the coat
Dental school Wolf Pack

 It was a nice event. There were distinguished speakers and then the students all came down one by one to receive their coats before reciting their oath in unison. I was so proud watching Erik experience this momentous transition.

To keep the celebration going, I treated my future Doctor to a fancy dinner at Givanni's. This place has it going on - fresh, handmade pasta; fantastic wine list; and great atmosphere. It was a great little date night.

Erik had no class for the rest of the week, so spur of the moment I took Thursday off. He has been talking, nearly obsessing, about going fishing since Man Camp, so I decided to join him. We woke up early and went to get me a fishing license and a rod and reel. I ended up getting a pink one! We packed a lunch to grill out, got Bosley all riled up, headed out to a local county park. 

Between the two of us we only caught a small bass. This event, however, was like puppy Christmas! Bosley immediately started dancing for the fish. This is one of his tricks we taught him where he spins around on his hind legs. Bosley is also not a huge fan of the water. He'll swim, but only to get back to shore after mommy or daddy put him in the water. Once Erik got the fish unhooked - he had to do this while running away from our little monster that was now jumping and furiously gnashing his teeth - he threw it back in the water. Bosley looked at us like we had lost all sanity and went running all the way to the end of his leash trying to get in the water after it. It was so cute!

After that excitement, we grilled some lunch. Turns out we forgot a plate for our brats so we had to improvise. Luckily I had thrown a frizbee in with our stuff - just in case we wanted to feel really uncoordinated and wanted to do a lot of running to go find it. A little Purell and a quick rinse, and its a plate! It also turns out we completely forgot about the sun. Classic first-full-day-outside-since-winter, we failed to put on sun block. My arms are currently on fire!

We ended the day by going to watch the new Avengers movie. We thoroughly enjoyed it and now we really want to see Thor. And how amazing is Robert Downey Jr. at playing Tony Stark? Can't wait for Iron Man 3!

I was back at work today and a few of my co-workers went out for dinner. We had a bunch of laughs and it was nice to get together outside of the lab. When I got home Erik, was there with flowers! He had gone down to his mom's house for the day, and all of her flowers were in bloom so he picked me some!

I have the BEST boyfriend and the funniest dog! This is going to sound cheesy, but I LOVE MY LIFE!

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  1. What a great few days, and what beautiful flowers! Enjoy!