Sunday, May 20, 2012

Monster Gifts for Baby!

Earlier this month, I helped to host a baby shower for my friend Kathie. I absolutely love this sort of thing, and I was beyond happy to do it for someone as awesome as Kathie. I didn't have a huge role and the real party was planned by Dalyz and Ali. Those two have been friends with Kathie for close to a decade. How amazing is that?!

Dalyz, Kathy, Ali, myself
It's a boy!
 Diaper Cake

 Kathie and Chauncy

 Some of Kathie's family

Dalyz really took charge of the theme and decorations and she did such a good job. The theme was 'Baby Steps' and she painted a beautiful canvas with a poem about them first falling in love, then saying I Do, and now they are welcoming a boy in blue. Unfortunately I don't have a picture of it. The next time I'm at Kathie's I'll have to snap one.
 To go along with the theme, we hung a garland of baby socks. It was pretty precious.

 Kathie and her friend Mariama.

In the background of this photo you can kind of see some of the 'babies' we created as a game. We printed out photos of both Kathie and her husband and each of us had to create their future baby from these photos. It was a blast! Some of them were pretty hysterical - random ears and noses, some with glasses, others with full heads of long blonde hair!

Everyone showered her with wonderful gifts. Kathie is a fan of super cute little monsters. A family member took this idea and made her little boy a beautiful blanket. 

I remembered her mentioning a local artist that painted cute little monsters. Turns out she makes plush dolls of her characters too! I had made 'lolli-pops' out of bibs, wash cloths, and feeding spoons. I tucked them into a basket with a little plush monster. Unfortunately I failed to take any photos while I was making them but here is one taken at the party.

I got the idea for the lolli-pops HERE

I'm so happy for Kathie and I cannot wait to celebrate Ali's little bun in the oven in a few months!

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