Sunday, January 13, 2013

Lady friends, Moonshine, and Power Tools

Don't tell Rosie, but Bosley had a new lady friend, Nala, come visit last night!
Cuddling after chasing each other around the apartment
Nala kindly brought her humans, Orhan and Sarah, along to keep Erik and I company for dinner and the NFL playoff games.She wasn't sure if she liked him at first, but Bosley eventually won her over and they had lots of fun playing.

Erik went to the grocery store to get what he needed for dinner, and came home with Moonshine.
He has been watching a lot of that show on the Discovery Channel. I mean all of it.

Luckily what he bought contained fruit. It literally has pieces of blueberries floating in there! They recommended saving the fruit and making a pie with it. Sounds intriguing. 
This stuff smells like pure jet fuel, but tastes amazing!
Exhausted after lots of play

Erik and I had a fun little day today. We did a bit of shopping where he got new shoes and a drill that will actually drill a hole. His old one can't even be called a power tool any more. Once we got home we put it to work hanging my new shelving.

Ta Da! What do you think?

My antique wine glasses from Kalona look awesome, I think. The eighth one currently has super glue curing. Of course I broke its base. Erik kept laughing at my pout-y face, but luckily it was fixable. 

Tonight's healthy dinner. I'm down almost two pounds last time I checked! I did splurge huge at last nights dinner, but I still feel really good about my week.

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