Monday, February 11, 2013


Abba-dabba and I had a date night this weekend. We did the classic dinner and a show. It was all very romantic. ;)

I found out about a fun venue in Cedar Rapids, called the Opus Concert Cafe, from my friend, Alexis. She does marketing for Orchestra Iowa and had posted about an upcoming jazz concert by a band called Koplant No. I have never been to a jazz performance before, so I was very curious.

It was an extremely enjoyable experience! As a jazz novice, I highly recommend checking out Koplant No. Their music is beautiful and complex. I hope that is considered a compliment in the jazz world!

To make the night even better, I scored front row center tickets to the Daniel Tosh tour when it hits CR in June! Exciting and scary - he usually picks on his front row a bit and I'm not sure in ready for that. Either way it will be a blast!

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