Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Valentine, The Squirrel Hunter

I personally like Valentines Day. A lot of people say its a holiday made up by corporations to get you to spend money. My response is usually 'Well, yeah!' To a certain extent so is every holiday! How much money do you think corporations are making off of Christmas? Enough said.

I like to see this holiday as an opportunity to stop and tell the person you love most how much they mean to you. Yeah, that's what you should do every day, but lets be honest, it gets hard to do.

I'm blessed with someone who continually treats me like a princess, so today is really just an extra cherry on top! 

Erik gets me a goofy card every year, and I love them! He knows I'm a sucker for anything cheesy! 

He is truly the most perfect man, and I am so happy I get to call him MINE!

Bosley and I invented a new game tonight while Erik studied a little. I call it Squirrel Hunter. He has learned the name of each room, so I'll yell 'bedroom!' and we both go running into that room and frantically look out the window for squirrel activity. Then I'll yell 'living room!' and we run full speed to check out that window. He would get so excited when I said 'Did you see it?!' 'There it is!' 'Did you see it?!' There was never anything there, but it was loads of fun running through all the rooms in the apartment.

I love my boys!