Friday, June 1, 2012

Arts Festival

Abby working the red carpet for the Chait Gallery

by Bekah Ash

Drummer for the dancers

Walked downtown after work to grab some good food with great people. We sat in the sun out on the patio and people watched as the Ped Mall slowly filled with people. Our restaurant was right next to a whole row of food vendors. The smells of funnel cake, BBQ, and kettle corn made our stomachs growl while we waited for our dinner.

After thoroughly enjoying our meals we began strolling the booth lined streets. There was so much to see and it's almost impossible to see it all. Several artists stood out among the crowd to me, and as we discovered on the Gallery Walk, Dalyz and I have completely different tastes. Abby and I also had a therapy session about our inability to commit to large art pieces. There are so many paintings in the sea, and we're not ready to be tied down to just one yet. Hopefully we'll settle down some day. 

Between the booths of pottery, handmade silver jewelry, photography prints, and wind chimes were other forms of art. Someone playing the community piano, a drummer keeping the beat for dancers drawing a large crowd, and a couple strumming a banjo and bowing a violin kept the Arts Festival patrons entertained as they wandered.

As I usually do, I found the perfect gift for my sister's birthday, but I'll have to wait to share until August. I also absolutely fell in love with every piece by Bekah Ash. I might settle down with one of her paintings...maybe.


  1. Splurge on one! I love that bright piano!

  2. I love art festivals! Looks like a ton of fun!