Sunday, June 17, 2012

We Went Wading

Yesterday we went out to the county park to play. Erik threw a line in the pond and Bosley went wading to cool off. Once he figured out that the water did not equal death, he had a really good time. 

Found a stick

Spotted a fish!

Oops, it got a little deep
Bosley would have walked all the way around the pond in the shallows if I would have let him - we went most of the way. He kept trying to pull in full sized logs! It was pretty funny. When I finally pulled him out, I had half of a completely different dog. I had half of my little white fluffy puppy and half of a scrawny little black one. 

Getting fully immersed in nature
Tasting the wonderful flavors of fishy water
After a very sudsy bath, Bosley reminded me that Father's day was coming up. I got out some of my crafting supplies and we set to work.

Getting ready to give daddy his card

I had a non-toxic rainbow ink pad that I had Bosley step on. The paw prints didn't come out really well so I free handed them a little.

Happy Father's Day, Erik! Bosley and I love you so much!


  1. A very nice card!! I love how you got right into that mud and gunk out there in nature!

  2. Happy father's day! I can't believe Bosley got in the water and was such a fish- Betty hates the water, she still thinks it equals death- ha!

  3. Thanks Finn and Betty! It was way too much fun!

  4. Beautiful card! Amazing how you can change your color so fast from white to chocolate! BOL!