Saturday, June 2, 2012

Little Nuggets of Wisdom

I've been doing semi-homemade gifts lately, and its so enjoyable. It's really gratifying giving someone something you put more than just money into. Plus, it's a great creative outlet. 

Now, when I do creative gifts, I like them to be on the cheesy side. For example, Erik's valentines day gift this year was specialty hot sauces and I made him a card that said "I've got the hots for you". He loved it by the way.

Today we had a graduation party for one of Erik's cousins, and I definitely wanted to give her something cute and unique. Since she is the oldest in her family and will be the first of her siblings to go off to college, I thought I would share some 'Little Nuggets of Wisdom'.

I printed out labels with little tips like:
 "Get plenty of sleep - all night study benders aren't as beneficial as you think"
"Get to know your professors - they are the best network for after college"
"Have school spirit and show it often"
"Get a flu shot"
"Make lots of friends"
"Ask questions - don't be afraid to raise your hand"
"Sit in the front - you will be more likely to stay awake"
"Register for classes early - if you think its a good class, so does everybody else"
"Get involved - student orgs are another great way to learn"
"Study - no matter what, school comes first"
"Have fun - these are the memories that will last you a lifetime"

I took these labels and some money and wrapped them around Hersey's Nuggets. I also made her a card with one of my favorite quotes,

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."
 -Eleanor Roosevelt


  1. I like your gifts! That basket looks very nice and I am sure his cousin loved it!