Monday, June 10, 2013

Vivacious Vegas

So Vegas was a blast! It went by too quickly and I didn't allow my self to relax or sleep enough to fully take everything in. Next time, I'll do better. Three amazing women went with me. Reminiscent of our perplexing Iowa casino girl's trip, our party of four couldn't help but have fun!

This is the first vacation I've taken that I had to fly to. I'm a driver. Erik and I will drive for days on vacation. This is where a bit of my anxiety started. A couple of airport cocktails helped. 

When we got there, I was amazed at how much there was to see. It is definitely a sensory overload. Flashing signs in every direction, all calling for your attention. The sheer volume of bodies wandering down the crowed strip delighted my need for people watching. That's the free show in Vegas. 

One show we went to was Zumanity by Cirque du Soleil. It was so visually stunning and sexy.
I don't use that adjective often.

We also went to an X Burlesque show that was quite entertaining, as well as a pool party. It was at the Palms and was hosted by Wizz Khalifa. We were told to get to the pool by 9 or 10 to get a spot for the 4pm show. Since we were going to be there all day, and drinks are insanely expensive there, we not so intelligently tried to sneak in our own bottle. I was quickly caught, but nothing happened thank goodness! I just exclaimed 'Not from around here!' Oops! We got lounge chairs, made friends with the group next to us, spent a pretty penny on drinks, and danced our hearts out.

By the end of the long and fun day, we realized one or two of us were drunker than we thought, we hadn't eaten all day, and we had lost one of us. I had to give security a description of Dalyz, who had all of our coverups in her bag leaving us to walk around the casino is our bikinis, and an APB was put out. That night, after a quick nap, we got ourselves on a party bus that was touring night clubs. It was tons of fun and I would definitely do that again! No lines or expensive cover to get in, plus open bar on the bus. Win!

The next morning I had to sit through a timeshare meeting so we could get our room for free. This two hour chunk of time will go down in my history as one of the most awkward ever.  The moment my sales rep found out I worked in a research lab, she teared up and asked if she could get personal. I expected a story about loved one with a disease and how she walked to raise funds for research. The story I received was no where near this. The first words out of her mouth when I gave her the OK was "I leak". I can only hope my facial expression did not betray my utter disbelief. She continued her story about having surgery and ever since having continual incontinence issues. I had to pull myself out of shock to stumble through a response. 
Now that was pretty personal, and you're saying that's got to be it right? Nope! It got MORE personal!
Her next statement was that her father was urinating blood, had lost a bunch of weight, and looked grey. Then came the question I knew was coming and was praying I wouldn't get - "Do you think its cancer?"
My first thought is, I'm potentially about to tell this woman her father is dying. I have no training in anything semi related to this! I don't know how making viruses translated into bladder problems and cancer?! I again floundered for words that only formed semi-coherent sentences about 'there being several possibilities that could be causing his ailments and to consult his doctor immediately'. After several tissues and a cookie, she tried to sell me an overpriced, crappy little one bedroom vacation condo. 

Thank goodness we had a day of shop therapy to get me through that one!
By the end of it, I was sad that vacation was ending, but so ready to leave Las Vegas. I'm excited to go back, but I think I'll give it a year or three, and I'll never be doing another timeshare meeting. I don't care if they offer me my own island for attending. 


  1. Vegas baby Vegas! You and your friends look great. It sure about the guy urinating blood though...

  2. What a great trip! I loved all the pics!