Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Girls Night

Myself and Raquel
Abby and Dalyz

As always, I had a ridiculously amazing time with the girls! The four of us are celebrating Dalyz's birthday month, so we got a hotel room at the casino and made appointments at the spa. Enter almost 24hrs of hilarious debauchery starting with taco dip, strawberry-lemonade cupcakes, and hard liquor out of red Solo cups appropriately labeled for each of us..."I'll do anything for $20" "Dumb @ss" "Abba-Dabba-Do-Me" and of course the instigator only labeled hers "Kelly". 

The casino was an absolute BUST, but it didn't matter. We were a party of four and weren't going to let even the sweat pant clad crowd stop us. Yeah, Iowa keeps it classy. One of the jokes of the night came at the expense of a potentially lonely middle-aged man named Tim. Tim was soon given the last name Dahmer, due to his horribly awkward and scarey pick-up line, "I've got a plan for you". We left that situation faster than you could ask, "How's your older brother, Jeff?"

The next day headache was cured at Village Inn over eggs, pancakes, and a pot of coffee while reliving the night before. This was a gloriously fun time and I can't wait to do this again!
I love my girls!

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