Monday, April 23, 2012

Attack of the Brain Mushroom!

So here is a picture of a Morel Mushroom, a.k.a. "Super-Creepy-Looking Brain Mushroom". This is one of the treasures Erik brought home from his weekend of manliness. Morel 'hunting' is a big deal in Iowa, and they are actually pretty hard to come by because they need to have the perfect temperature and moisture level to grow.

I laugh every time I hear someone say 'mushroom hunting'. It brings about images of people stalking them through the woods with their faces painted camo just waiting for the mushroom to get preoccupied for just a moment so they can strike. In reality, its essentially just walking through the woods until you trip over some.

The classic preparation for these creepy little guys is to bread and fry them. Erik also brought home some bass, so that got breaded as well. Luckily I got him to cook up some sweet corn and roasted asparagus to offset the amount of fried breading.

Honestly, I was nervous about trying the wrinkly little things, fried or otherwise. I wasn't sure if I was going to survive.  After some hyperventilating and holding my nose, I just bit the bullet. Turns out I survived, and they aren't that bad. The bass was phenomenal! I was so proud to eat a meal that my man went out and hunted down for me!

Erik of course was craving froyo later, so we headed to Ghurties'. This place is amazing! Now after fried food and about a pound of frozen yogurt we are all feeling like this...

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