Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Family Affair

When I first met Erik he had just finished playing college baseball and told me he was interested in going into Zoology. Oh how times have changed. The universe threw him some curveballs and he decided that what he really wanted to do was follow in the footsteps of his uncle and cousin. Three and a half years later and he's in his second semester of Dental School.

Erik is one of the most brilliant and charismatic people I have ever met. He quickly formed friendships with some of his fellow classmates. Luckily, they live very close to us so we all frequently carpool since I work at the University they attend. I am very out numbered on these car rides, and I often sit in silence and just listen to them talk about class. These conversations are in another language to me. It's all occlusal this and periodontal that. It mostly just turns into loud buzzing for me, but even though the jibber jabber gets annoying, secretly I'm grinning like an idiot. I'm so proud of what he is accomplishing and the man he is becoming.

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