Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunday Cinna-Bunnies

I had a great Sunday reconnecting with my inner child. A couple of the girls came over and we dyed Easter eggs! I love having people at my house! It could be one person or thirty.  Either way I act all excited and run around the house annoying Erik because I've forgotten something and have asked him to go back to the store for the third time. Thank God he loves me!

As a treat I made Cinna- Bunnies!
Since one of my ladies, Kathie, is baking a little muffin, I thought it would be fun to use natural dyes in lieu of the artificial kits. Pinterest provided me with some amazing ideas - go figure. I used Spinach for green, Black Berries for purple, beets for pink, and coffee for brown. Turns out the spinach green failed miserably, but the other three worked beautifully!

We ended up using a kit for the yellow, orange, green, and blue. It was so much fun and a great time with my girls, and the little muffin!

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